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Signal emerging

It’s amazing what a few days of near-offline-ness can do. Since the 21st of December, I’ve ignored Twitter entirely, spent very little time on other social networks (maybe 60 minutes in 2 weeks), and engaged in only the bare minimum of emailing. I’ve also thought and conversed very little about matters digital, giving preference instead to longish periods of stillness and silence, to joyful catching up with friends and family, and to more fun conversation topics such as zombie apocalypse logistics planning (aside: if vampires can train themselves to drink only animal blood, why can’t we train zombies to eat only animal brains? This could solve a lot of problems, people. Just sayin’).

One of the upshots of this downtime is that I’m starting to see signal emerge from the frenetic overstimulation that was the end of 2012. The plan for this year is coming together, and toward that end I’m slowly beginning to ramp up 2013. As a first order of business, I’ve put a bit more information on my speaking and workshopping capabilities here. I’d love to spend a good chunk of this year putting these skills to good use, so please do get in touch if you see something that interests you.

More will come in the next days and weeks. It’s going to be a brilliant year.