Strategist, Speaker, Designer, Instigator

My talks are all focussed on the human aspects of technology – where technology is taking us in business, society and individually – identifying threats and opportunities, and applying human-centred thinking to find a sustainable way forward. The key theme is putting technology in the service of people and not the other way around. Some common topics:

  • Human-Centred Business & Design
  • The Future of Technology
  • Technology & Society
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Technology in Media
  • Big Data
  • Digital Identity
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)

If you’d like to book me, please contact Georgia Bayley of the London Speaker Bureau.

Here’s what previous clients have said:

“Louisa gave an excellent talk on our event Yle prophesy in Finland. Attendees as well as other speakers mentioned her talk as one of the best talks of the whole event!”
— Atte Hujanen, Yle Prophesy

“Louisa’s talent is rare. Her ideas are original and she sees the future potential of digital experiences before the majority. As a speaker, she’s unusual in also being able to communicate these ideas in a free flowing presentation style which engages her listeners and creates a conversation. As a workshop facilitator, she achieves outstanding results by setting challenging exercises, involving all participants and ensuring her team’s outputs are clear and memorable. As a result, I’ve invited her as a speaker and facilitator on several occasions and have been impressed every time.”
— Marek Pawlowski, MEX

“Louisa is simply impressive: she uniquely combines being visionary, professional, charismatic and joyful. Working with her is a pleasure in every ways. She always make you move forward with your ideas and business whilst fueling you with the necessary optimism and energy to do so.”

— Sarah Hemar, MIPTV

“A brilliant and inspiring speaker, Louisa leaves the room simultaneously stunned and energetic. She has a rare talent to both show the big picture and dive deep into a topic. With her energetic presentation style, she always keeps the audience engaged while sharing valuable insights. I absolutely recommend getting her onstage if you get the chance.”

Peter Bihr, NEXT, ThingsCon

Upcoming public appearances:

The Sooner Now (September 2017,Düsseldorf)

Selected previous appearances (click to see video of the talks, where available):



Below the Surface [Picnic, Rio de Janiero]

The prioritization of growth above all else, coupled with the belief that technology can (or even should) solve all our problems, has led us to some pretty unsustainable places – individually, socially, economically and politically. Taking a bit of time and digging deeper to understand the less obvious patterns and movements at work in our world can help us to find more sustainable, innovative solutions to the challenges we face.

Being Human in a ‘Smartified’ World [IoT Asia, Singapore]

The Internet of Things has the potential to bring humans closer to each other and to the places where we live and visit, yet a lot of the projects undertaken, especially on the public side, don’t take humans into account much at all, except as something to be managed. To get the full benefit of… Continue Reading

Out of Our Pockets and Into the Wild [MoCo, London]

Robot toasters, connected refrigerators, coffee maker temperature sensors telling your mobile it’s time for coffee – our lives become more connected by the day. But do we humans benefit from all this technology that connects our home interior and machines to our mobile devices? Instead of making connected toasters with advertising on the sandwiches, companies… Continue Reading