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Shared realities: the ontology of tech

Shared realities: the ontology of tech

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had cause to do some thinking about Voice Assistance Technology, specifically what kind of ‘personality’ these things should have. When the topic was first raised, my instinctive response was that it was the wrong question. It took some further mulling and conversation to work out exactly why. TL;DR: in order… Continue Reading

Conversing with ghosts [post 45/100]

Maybe I’m a little old-fashioned sometimes. A friend who’s got teenage daughters tells me that these days it’s considered ok (by some) to carry on a conversation while fiddling with one’s mobile. This still is definitely not ok in my circles, and no matter how much I apologise I always feel terrible when something comes… Continue Reading

Out of Our Pockets and Into the Wild [MoCo, London]

Robot toasters, connected refrigerators, coffee maker temperature sensors telling your mobile it’s time for coffee – our lives become more connected by the day. But do we humans benefit from all this technology that connects our home interior and machines to our mobile devices? Instead of making connected toasters with advertising on the sandwiches, companies… Continue Reading

Chicken Little goes to SXSW* [post 21/100]

Have you heard about the anti-robot protest at SXSW? I read about it this morning and it just made me sad. On the one hand, it’s great that people care about how technology is evolving; on the other hand it’s sad that the thinking is still so simplistic and binary. Down the centuries, every new… Continue Reading

Beacon blues [post 18/100]

I’ve been reading an increasing number of articles lately about how the Internet of Things is going to transform the retail industry. the specific thing that gets mentioned most often is in-store beacons that can broadcast offers and purchase suggestions to shoppers’ smartphones. And every single time I read one of these articles, I get… Continue Reading

Aspiration: Master or Mimbo? [post 14/100]

Yes, I know, I missed posting yesterday. I’ll make it up to you over the weekend. Anyway, I’ve been continuing to have conversations with people in the creative and technology industries about avoiding techno-dystopia. And as I was discussing this with a friend who doesn’t work in that domain (yes, I have them, shut up),… Continue Reading